What’s Hubspot?

HubSpot is an inward marketing software platform that helps every business attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Mainly it helps businesses improve conversions. In today’s exiting media everyone must understand the need of incoming data that helps to make more informed decision.

Marketing has no set rules it changes frequently. Don’t disturb buyers, simply influence them. Engaging buyers is not an easy task you need a stunning website, creative content, optimization for search engines and share it on social channels. Strategically you need to plan your prospects engagement with your brand through landing pages, personalized email, websites and call to action. That’s how your business attracts buyers in digital markets.

Below mentioned is the list of few of important events where renowned speakers make you understand the importance of inward marketing.

• November 6, 2013:
HubSpot Account Executive John Sherer to speak at Search & Social Double Whammy in Burlington, MA.

• November 7, 2013:
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Fellow Dan Lyons to speak at Brand Publishing Summit in New York City, NY.

• November 7, 2013:
Senior Content Manager Jay Acunzo to speak at Integrated Marketing Forum in Tustin, CA.

• November 19, 2013:
Senior Content Manager Jay Acunzo to speak at NESAE Technology Conference in Boston, MA.

• December 3- 4, 2013:
Director of Marketing Kipp Bodnar to speak at Gilbane Conference in Boston, MA.

This is one platform for all.

HubSpot inward marketing software comprises all the required tools you need for inward marketing, with an addition to award winning services and quick support to help businesses master inward marketing.

Learn more about inward marketing at Hubspot by visiting academy. Also you can try it FREE for next 30 days.

We like inward marketing over inbound marketing.