Mobile phones are now ubiquitous and the number of people who have access to mobile phones is much larger than the number of people who have access to PCs. In 2014, mobile phones and tablets have outsold PC’s by a huge margin.

mobile_marketingWith that said, mobile marketing is a must for your marketing consideration and offers the following advantages for a business.

  • People carry their mobile phones with them most of the time. Therefore, any news, updates, alerts, etc. can be sent to customers and target groups instantly.
  • The short messaging service as well as telemarking can be used as a direct marketing tool. These are also good methods to generate leads, schedule meetings, follow-up, etc. The mobile marketing technique often requires customer response for further communications. Therefore it is mobile originated.
  • Mobiles can also be used to track user response immediately.
  • Promotional advertisements, trailers, etc. can be sent as images, audio and video files.
  • With mobile apps, users can easily recommend the product/service to friends and family. Thus mobile phones have an immense viral marketing potential.
  • With the GPS service, user locations can be tracked. This ensures that people get geo-specific information and services which are more relevant to them.
  • Mobile devices are used by people in remote locations as well. So the outreach is much more than that of traditional platforms.
  • Microblogging platforms such as Twitter and mobile apps can be used to send mass messages about products, sales, etc. to generate a high user response.
  • Mobile shopping and payments can make purchasing processes quick and hassle free.

Before starting your mobile marketing efforts, you should lay out a set of goals you hope to achieve. The goals can include product introduction, customer service, grievance handling, product catalogue, mobile shopping, etc. To make the best of the above mentioned advantages of mobile marketing, a business should consider the following tips.

  • Make the most out of SMS services.
  • Use multi-platforming, which involves creating different versions of the same message/ software for various mobile platforms. This ensures that your message is sent to more people.
  • Create a mobile app which can be downloaded on various mobile platforms. You should also ask the users to rate the app. You should also make sure that your app has an authenticated payment system to avoid fraud claims.
  • Integrate all major social networks to spread your message to a wide range of audiences.
  • Provide regular updates, promo deals, and more information to the users without inundating them with messages.
  • You can also plan to introduce in-game mobile marketing, which will target customers who are already interested in the product as well as people who stumble upon it through the game.
  • To send media files, MMS can be used.
  • Group messages can be sent to all users in a specified location using proximity systems.
  • Push notifications or messages displayed on top of the screen are also growing in popularity.
  • New techniques like QR codes are also being used to minimize search hassles. A voice recording or picture can be used to take the user to the web link.

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