Less than 60 days left to sum up 2013. So many events and conferences have passed that some of you may have missed the opportunity to be an active part of these happening places in the SEO world. Let’s be straight to the important events and conferences which are coming in next 60 days and they can make a huge difference in your approach, process new technologies and most importantly networking and accordingly you can plan better strategies for your existing and forthcoming clients. Some workshops really help!

Below are the best SEO events and conferences that are happening between now and the end of 2013.

1. SMX (Search Marketing Expo). This is one of the widely accepted SEO conferences out there, which is quiet popular among the search marketer’s community so you can be rest assured about the attendees most of the industry renowned players can be seen engaged in taking workshops, delivering insights, providing tips or you may appreciate brilliant speakers about their experience and skills. The brilliant team at Search Engine Land designs the SMX programs seasons may vary in numbers. Variety is the best part of SMX—it’s truly a great place for everyone irrespective of your size whether you a start-up, small business owner or a Fortune 500 company etc. you may find it useful for your business.

If you plan to attend to the SMX please refer their schedule, agenda by visiting their website usually they do have workshops one day before the expo. If you are planning to attend the expo please double check their pricing on Search Marketing Expo website.

Some important dates to be noted:

Milan | Nov. 7- 8, 2013, Check agenda and Pricing
Las Vegas | Nov. 20-21, 2013 Check agenda and Pricing

Prices may vary depending on location.

2. Search Engine Strategies (SES): One of the oldest and the most popular conferences; among others its truly the best and the most popular conferences around you. Since 1999 their focus are is education and with that networking is one of the important aspect of this conference they have a dedicated place where you can share your experiences and stories of you business with others. But still SES is being considered as a place where members get education on wide range of topics like paid search, SEO, link, social media, display advertising, email marketing, use of analytic and coming up technologies. Once again you can’t afford to miss it, as you will find the best brains from the industry.

Some important dates to be noted:

Chicago | Nov. 4 – 7, 2013, Check agenda and Registration Details.
Singapore | Dec. 2 – 4, 2013 Check agenda and Registration Details.

Prices may be different depends on location.

Before these conferences become history, this might be the last chance to be a part of making it!

There are few more conferences out there but the mentioned ones are the best that are popular and left for the balance of 2013. May be many of you have been to a conference before and each one has a unique experience in its own right. You may one of those who attend conference after conference if so, please share your experiences with our readers and let them know about it through your comments below!