Though Google’s recent policy updates regarding push and pop-up ads have created a churning in the entire advertising industry, we want to term it as the tip of the iceberg. We expect a lot more stringent policies from Google in the recent future to safeguard the users and their respective mobile devices or laptops, as the case may be.
Battered by such unruly advertisements the hapless users had been constantly looking for someone for passionate remedies of their woes. Unfortunately, nobody dared to touch the renowned advertisers in this money woven business world. Google has exhibited guts to show resilience against such unethical policies, for which they must be applauded.

Google’s policies regarding push and pop-up advertisements have become a bolt from the blue for some advertisers. The strict prohibition against any advertisement that can threaten the security or the core settings of the mobile phone or laptop will certainly encourage the users. Most of the modern users are in the habit of using their devices for financial transactions, which used to be threatened by such advertisements. Most of us encountered such experiences when a reputed cellular operator used to send SMSs, which on clicking started downloading the respective apps even without the knowledge of the users. The user would come to know only during the subsequent bill payment. People raised a fuss, but unfortunately it could not penetrate the shells of the advertisers. A very few companies have fallen afoul for such malpractices, but nobody could take any punitive action against them.

There are a lot of websites even today, which on opening displays such pop-up advertisements and the innocent users have to click on the close button at the least to stop such hindrances. Some of the most popular websites even sell such ad spots at premium prices. It is indeed true that most of the operating systems of today’s world are equipped to prevent such ads, but their endeavors have proven to be inadequate in specifically when there is so much money to be made from this form of advertising. In fact, most of the operating systems providers have been constantly updating their versions to offer even a better experience to the users, but the battle still continues.

Though there are people, who have been constantly hurling abuses at Google for their frequent policy updates, Google is perhaps the only company, who has been launching stringent policies against any unethical attempt as a cherished tradition. When we go down memory lane, we can clearly remember that many SEO consultants used to cleverly camouflage keywords and links in the popular web pages to earn additional mileage. Google was the first of its kind that could detect this scheme and then slap a ban on such websites.

Perhaps the enormous popularity of Google and its versatile product range have given Google the necessary confidence to fight against such websites or advertisers. Moreover, each company or advertiser becomes desperate to kowtow to the fundamental philosophies of Google, as no web-based business can afford to fall prey to the wrath of Google. Google can surely take the advantage for their indispensability that benefits millions of users and perhaps they should be bestowed with praise for such accomplishments.