Technology is transforming day by day. We have seen technological devices gone through so many changes in all these years. First we had desktops then we moved on to laptops, tablets and finally mobile phones. Today, smartphones have got so much common that everyone is intending to buy one for their regular use. This immense change in technology has prompted people to create mobile friendly websites shifting from computer versions of websites.


There are still many websites that do not have mobile versions of their online websites and in today’s wired world, it is essential to have a mobile version of your website.

Here are some very good reasons for you to consider developing a mobile version of your website.

There are more mobiles than computers

We all are aware of the fact that there are more mobiles in world than computers. Almost everybody owns a mobile phone. If you have a mobile friendly website version, there are many chances that mobile consumers get access to your website by any means, but if no mobile version is available, only limited percentage of people who use computers will be able to access it.

Increase in use of mobile internet

Over the years, an immense increase has been seen in use of internet on mobile phones. People can use internet on mobile phones wherever they are because they are light to carry and internet is very cheap so people like to browse websites on their phones. So if you don’t have a user friendly mobile version of your website, people will not be able to access it anytime they want. Life has become so quick that people don’t have time to sit and open their desktops and laptops to browse websites that don’t have mobile versions. So, if you have mobile friendly websites, you can cater a big market.

Competition is immense

Another important reason to have a mobile friendly website is the growing competition in marketing world. Every businessman is trying to get maximum exposure for its products or services and to reach more and more people on various platforms. It is estimated that there will be 150 million mobile friendly websites in 2017 that was only 1 million till 2007. This is why; it becomes important to have mobile versions of websites so that you can compete with others. If people are on the go and they can’t access your website while travelling on their smart phones, they may switch to other websites that have mobile versions. So to compete in this world, it is important to expose your website on every platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a mobile version of your website is also important because when people access it from mobile, it helps in search engine optimization and increasing your website ranking in search engines that are mobile friendly. It can help increase your ranking and produce better results for your business.

By stating above reasons, we can say that every website must have a mobile version so that it can be accessible to more and more people.

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