Nowadays, it is no longer surprising for businesses to go online; reaching out to the target audience through the web is a much more effective way to take your business ahead. heart_shaped_eye_by_wolfbeauty155-d3ibc8fA good website is a great medium for promoting your business, and in fact, a great website can do wonders for your business and take it to the next level. It not only generates leads and sales for you, but is also important for your online image. It is a great promotional tool, but businesses fail to make proper use of it. If the visitors to your website don’t like the website in the first place, then most likely they are not going to have a look at your products or services either. So if you have a website which is not churning out the expected results, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate it and make some major changes.


The following things should be kept in mind if you want to make an effective website that can impress visitors:

Creative and Catchy Website Designing

First things first. Nobody is going to browse any of the pages on your website if he or she does not like the way the website looks. This fact is as true as it is confusing. Looks do matter. You need to make something which is a treat to the eye. An awesome website design should be the base of your website, without which every other feature, however useful it may be, will fail. If you want to catch the visitors’ eye, you must pick a very good design. Don’t go for the free themes, invest a bit more and go for the premium themes. Pick a modern and intuitive template and theme which reflects your business ideals or services and then customize it according to your ideas. There are a lot of websites selling premium themes online, so just browse through them and make sure you keep up with the latest trends. Your website should look catchy and clutter-free as well.

Playing With the Colors

Now assuming that you have chosen a very good theme and template for your website, the major part of this task is complete. However, make sure you don’t spoil the look of the premium theme by adding colors to it. Make it look as natural as it can. More colors will disturb the eye and will give out a very unprofessional feel, which is the last thing you want. So choose the colours wisely and don’t overdo it. Include high quality graphics and stock images that are relevant to your business and use them in a very creative way on your website. You could create a collage of your services and use it as the page background or wall; this is attractive to visitors.

Awesome Content is the Key

Now, good graphics and a cool theme are essential to making a visitor stay on your website and explore it more; but ultimately what they want from your website is information, which is content. Never take chances with the quality of content; hire the best content writers that you can and properly instruct them about the way the content should be. Provide all the material that they need to know about your products and services. Hire experienced professionals so that it becomes hassle-free for you. Make sure your content is not just another cluster of words; it must really stand out with the help of catchy and unique headings. Also, make it more interesting by using subheadings, bullet points, etc. Make sure your content is unique and fresh and is error free. Also, see to it that it is relevant; it should be to the point so that the visitors who read it can easily get the information about your business from it.

You may be able to attract visitors with a visually appealing website, but you cannot make them stay if you don’t put up some catchy and quality content on those webpages. Work on it very hard.

The Social Media Factor

It is very common nowadays to have a Facebook and Twitter page for your business, and it is more than compulsory that you must maintain. People are crazy about Facebook and Twitter and if they like your website, then it is very likely that they are going to push that Facebook “like” button or the “Tweet” button given on your website. So make sure you present all the social media elements very nicely to the visitor. Keep a separate section for that on your website if possible. People love to express their opinions, so give them the space to do it! It will not only help in making the website appealing for the visitors but will also help in the further promotion of your business through the social media pages. So make sure you maintain them regularly. Appoint professional and experienced social media executives who will look after these things for you.

Bring Them Back Again and Again

You would like your visitors to visit the site repeatedly and quite often, right? Well if you want them to do that, then give them a reason for it! It can be done through many ways. Open new contests or offers from time to time to interest the visitors. Think of some sure-shot schemes which will pull the visitors to your website and ultimately to your products and services. Or, simply keep refreshing the theme or the overall look of your website from time to time. A very good example can be that you can change the themes according to the seasons or major worldwide events going on. Create interesting polls and offer the latest updates regarding your business. All these efforts give out an impression that you care about your website, and indirectly about your visitors or potential customers.

Personalize the Visitors’ Experience

Everyone likes to be taken care of, and it is a very important that you tap into this point when it comes to serving your visitors. Create a personalized experience for the visitors by providing exclusive deals and vouchers, discounts, etc. Providing exclusive access to your premium newsletter audience can be a very good tactic too. Integrate the sign-up option on your website if it is relevant to your business, as this will give the visitor his own personal space, which will be like his own personal perspective of looking at your website. Personalized searches can be a very good feature. For example, Amazon can tell you what you have searched before and will suggest to you what products you may want to buy accordingly. Understand your customers and give them what they need; if possible, give them more and make them feel special. It is a great way of connecting with them indirectly and will make them visit the site more often.

Get Into the Shoes of Your Customers

Only your visitors or customers can tell you what they want and what makes the website appealing to them. So look at your website from the customers’ point of you. If you were a customer, would that design appeal to you? Also, would you like the way the products, services and content was presented? Think about it from their perspective. If you are having difficulties doing that yourself, get an external opinion from some neutral people. It will help you in understanding the impression that your website makes and you will also get an idea about the changes that you need to make.

Choose the Perfect Professional

All these tips and all the efforts will go down the drain if your web designer is not good enough to understand your need. That is the time to fire him. Get an experienced and professional web designer. Choose wisely; take a look at their previous works and only then move forward. Connect with the web designer and tell him what you want. A good web designer will understand your needs and deliver the same results with the best quality, so make sure you provide him with all the information related to your business and you. Sit with the web designer while he is making changes. Let him know what changes you think should be made. After all, it is your website and only you can tell how it should come out. Give your web designer ample time to think of creative ideas to perfect the website. Don’t rush him and don’t put tight deadlines on him or else you will not get that perfect result that you desire for.

Keep Refreshing

It’s good if you have got that perfect website that you were looking for, but don’t stick to it for long. Keep making changes to your website yearly of half yearly to make it look fresh and interesting always. You don’t want your visitors to get bored do you? In every few months, surprise them with something new on your website. Keep adding more features to keep things interesting and your visitors will love to drop by your website more often.

Keep a check on the stats so that you can know if the changes to your website are doing good to the traffic and when you need to change the strategy.