For every business whether small or big…. regardless of size fresh and unique website content is must and it helps in many ways such as natural search rankings, help your business earn valuable links, appreciation in industry, attract more visitors and engage in conversation through social channels.

Do you really think that content creation really helps improve conversions?

Yes, indeed it is the content that generates trust and it helps your buyers to take informed decision quickly. To win their trust the content has to be meaningful, rational and precisely aligned with marketing strategies to serve its purpose.

Have you planned a content marketing strategy for your business?

Every business has its own niche and targets a particular audience but still you need to plan your content marketing for long term too. For example: Are you a law firm specialized in divorce law obviously your target audience is married couples those who are seeking your services for a hassle free and peaceful settlement of their case.

This is the law firm’s immediate need to generate leads quickly in shortest time frame and there is no harm and immediately you or your agency whom you have hired starts creating the content that are aligned with your overall marketing strategy which is good but it would be a good strategy for short term but if your agency content marketing strategy comprises informative articles, blog post, detailed case study and focus on positives and negatives of divorce it would be considered as a brilliant strategy.

Informative approach and style brings awesome results. And content is still the king and it depends how you use and influence visitors. That was one of the examples and it may vary depending on your nature of business, products and services.

One size fits for all is not the whole idea as it differs from business to business if you’re small and local your need for content is less but if you plan to expand your business at national level then the requirement would be entirely different. So the size matters but every business needs that as you need healthy food to live. Same way content is healthy food for search engines.

Dos For Content Marketing Strategy.

a. Fresh, unique, simple and meaningful
b. Correct grammar
c. Brief headings that’s explain what the reader will read in a paragraph
d. Flow of content should not be compromised
e. Content should be optimized before publishing
f. Write the content for the target audience
g. The content has to be informative and interesting

Don’ts For Content Marketing Strategy.

a. Plagiarize, common, simple and meaningless
b. Incorrect grammar
c. No headings
d. Unguided flow
e. Should not be over optimized
f. Not clear who to target
g. No information and not interesting

What style of content writing is best for a content marketing strategy?

You can’t really say about a particular style of content is good as every writer has unique approach and each one has it own style. It depends what a writer is writing as an article writer their approach is informative and formal, as a blog writer although this also has an informative nature but in an informal way, web copy is entirely different that has sales pitch, a landing page content is mainly for offers and trying to convince the visitor and a copy consists of unforgettable punch lines and a story writer style is entirely different.

Again back to square one and how a content marketing strategy planned? It’s simple you just need to set your goals and define your objectives. Once you are done with that it would be easy for you to design a winning content marketing strategy, which comprise of everything from web copy to articles, blog post and short content plans for social media with sharing your content in most dynamic social media channels.


At the end the above written post will help you to understand why content marketing strategy is the need of the hour. There are many things that are important for higher search engine rankings and content marketing is one of them. Let’s plan the content in right direction and allow your business grows.

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