A Website or Web Presence has undergone fundamental changes and it necessitates the modification of design to better suit the needs of your potential customers or audiences. With the modifications and changes in the landscape and a relatively new concept has evolved and is called Responsive Web Design. In short, responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to tablets to desktop computer monitors). With the popularity of tables and the ubiquity of smartphones, responsive web design is now vital for your website as this category blends in to the surroundings upon which the Website is viewed.

Responsive web design is now the best approach toward design and user experience. Has it become a must for your Website? Will you lag behind in the race if you fail to understand this emerging concept and implement it in time? Yes, simply yes. Responsive Web Design is an advancement of preparing and coding a Website in order to enable it with the inherent power to be able proffer on the discerning browsers an optimal viewing experience. This translates into effortless reading and steering with the least of alteration to size and utility of scroll bars for a broad array of devices namely desktop computer monitors, laptop screens to smartphones, tablets or nodes.

A designer who intends to implement the concepts of Responsive Web Design needs to guarantee that a website’s main routing fundamentals like screen-layouts; text and imagery regulate themselves in accordance to the variety of measurements available on the screens of the varied display devices. This has completely turned on its head the need to maintain different versions of a Website that are compliant to each of the diverse set-ups for display at hand in this racing era of telecommunication and IT. It is this notion that has set the rules and regulations for deciding upon the ground rules for building and maintaining Websites in the coming decades.
Creating a Responsive Website reduces costs significantly when compared to the cost of keeping several versions of a conventional website while being the only pragmatic solution available now. In the long term devoting money to get a Responsive Website made is the smartest choice. The sure shot Internet traffic that is rising exponentially each day originating from mobile devices can be garnered for reaping the benefits by designing a Website that fits all sorts of devices.

A Responsive Web Design makes certain that consumers gain a consistent experience of a website irrespective of browsing it on a device of their preference which can vary from an iPhone, iPad, smartphones running the Android OS, the Windows OS or any other platform.